Spacefarms Spots – changing the
way we look at agriculture

a new word in sustainable
indoor farming


Local Produce


Less Water


Less Fertilizer


Chemical Pesticides


Less Transportation


Less Land

How the magic happens

Using advanced technologies, Precise Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC Systems), we have full control over the environment where the micro and leafy greens grow.

By managing Co2 emission, water recycling, nutrient intake, temperature and humidity sensors, lighting brightness, and intensity, we create perfect conditions for nurturing fresh, 100% pesticides free, high-quality produce.

A cloud-based sustainable farming software that provides intelligent analytics. Think quality assurance, safety, and flexibility to adapt and improve indoor farming practices on a daily basis.

Cloud farming is a smart solution that controls our database, is continuously updated, and guides us to apply the best practices to maximize optimal growth.

SpaceFarms produces a variety of distinctive and flavorful greens that are responsibly grown, 100% pesticide free, and yield truly remarkable culinary experiences. Every leafy green tastes as crisp and flavorful as the previous one.

It is important to note that some of SpaceFarms’ fresh and flavorful greens are sold with their roots intact accompanied by special instructions.

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