Modular Farm Spots

Have you ever considered how wonderful it would be to buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from their source at grocery stores? Urban-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs reduce emissions, perishability, runoff, and transportation costs. They also enable cities to become more self-sufficient, as opposed to relying only on food grown elsewhere.

How is this possible?

Representing Spots – modular farms that are operated via a wireless network and controlled remotely 24 hours a day, including components such as temperature, humidity, nutrients, and others. With the help of Spots, plants will grow in a controlled environment without the usage of pesticides or herbicides. 

The main goal of Spots is to provide customers with the freshest crops possible without the need for transportation; Growing plants with the best qualities while also caring for the environment by reducing a negative impact is what we endeavor.

Modular farms consume a minimal amount of water and energy. More modular farms in the city mean less transportation of the product and cuts in emissions, which naturally reduces agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Spots can be used to create a big sustainable farm or placed individually in grocery stores, restaurants, marketplaces, buildings, and other locations, where customers can directly pick up fresh plants. These crispy greens come with roots, alive and fresh, sustaining all the healthy nutrients until consumption. They yield truly remarkable culinary experiences. Long story short, farming becomes a lot easier – no need for land, fertile soil, or many hours of labor to produce healthy crops. 

The best part is that the process is completely transparent, allowing customers to observe every step of the plant’s growth.

The prototype holds two square meters and can regularly produce 15-20 kg of crops per month, regardless of season – throughout the year – without the use of pesticides or herbicides, with minimal human labor, and low utility expenses. Unlike traditional farming, farming with Spots is more precise and consistent since it’s not affected by external influences like the weather.

For individuals or businesses eager to purchase the modular farm Spacefarms offers full technical support and a wide range of consultative services.  

Spots are here to change the way we look at agriculture; to increase crop yields while remaining ecologically friendly, reducing emissions, and providing nutritious food to people.