Micro Greens Mix


Quantity: 40 grams

Microgreens are young vegetable sprouts that are rich in flavor, add a splash of sweetness, spiciness, and color to the plate, and are often higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than the same quantity of mature greens.

At SpaceFarms, we grow a wide variety of microgreens in response to the seasonal preferences of our customers. A few of the microgreens we grow on a regular basis include:

MICRO CILANTRO is a tiny version of mature cilantro leaves. They are crisp and sweet with a bright citrusy aroma, delivering a classic cilantro flavor with notes of pepper and fresh-cut grass.

MICRO SHISO is small, aromatic, tender, and semi-crunchy. They deliver a balanced flavor with equal amounts of sweet and spice, including notes of licorice, mint, clove, basil, and cinnamon.

MICRO RUCOLA is small, tender, and crisp. They are herbaceous, sweet, and nutty with a slightly salty and peppery bite.

MICRO RADISH is delicate, slightly crunchy greens that deliver the same peppery punch as a radish but in a considerably more petite and delicate form.